Can Artificial Intelligence be your next digital fund manager?

Stock Market Investment Shot,16th December 2022

Stock Market Investment Shot,16th December 2022

Portfolio management & advisory is mainly conducted post analyzing the fundamentals of the companies or technical data and in some rare cases, even quantitative information. In any such scenario, the amount of information that can be humanly analyzed is limited, highly time-consuming & resource heavy. With the advent of Artificial Intelligence & Big data analytics for portfolio management, millions of data points can be analysed within a few seconds, eventually improving the portfolio creation & management for the end investor.With all these advancements, AI stock management has become a living reality.

Moreover, the traditional research methodology is highly susceptible to the human emotions of either the fund manager or the investor. While using technology to perform the research, the decisions can be ensured to be logically driven without any emotional bias.

What does the future look like for investing with AI vs Humans

Machine-based research has been there for quite some time on the institutional investments & treasury management side in some countries. The retail audience was always devoid of such services owing to the smaller investment corpus & micro-management of strategies. However, AI-based stock trading can now be easily offered to retail investors. With the advancement of technology & availability of data, Artificial intelligence is ought to take over human research practices & fund management.

How do JARVIS smallcases execute AI in investing?

At JARVIS, for the creation of any portfolio, our hyper-intelligent machine analyses about 12 million data points, including all fundamentals & other qualitative data, derives multiple quantitative strategies & also derives meaningful information from text data & investor sentiments. Our AI stock management system ensures that our strategies, always stay with the market with every rebalancing it triggers. It balances the portfolio risk by creating asset allocation strategies with necessary exposure to debt & gold based on the overall market & economic conditions.The proprietary predictive analytics-based Risk Management System alerts on when to exit a particular strategy for profit booking or in some cases minimizing losses, apart from timely rebalancing.

Our choice of our best performing smallcase

Among the 3 portfolios of JARVIS that available on smallcase platform, the highest performing strategy is our Aggressive Portfolio which has delivered the following returns;

1M Returns3M Returns6M Returns1Y ReturnsReturns since inception

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