Getting Started

Who is the creator of JARVIS Invest?
Do I need a demat & trading account for subscribing to JARVIS?
Do I need to open a separate Demat & Trading account to subscribe to JARVIS?

Investment Process

How will Risk Profiling help me?
Can I change my Risk Profile to something other than the one that has been suggested by the Risk Questionnaire?
What are the investment strategies that one can choose from?

Execution & Dashboard

What happens if I am unable to execute the trades in all the stocks suggested by JARVIS?
Why is there a cash balance on the dashboard?
Why is there a difference in my current portfolio and Jarvis portfolio?

Post Execution

How often can I change my Risk Profile?
How does a change in Risk Profile affect my portfolio?
How often can I change the Investment Strategy?

Risk Management System

What is Risk Management System?
What if I miss a RMS Call?
What if I miss Rebalance Call?

General Questions

What if I do not have sufficient funds to buy on the same day?
What is a Reset Call?
How frequently do Jarvis churn/rebalance the portfolio?
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