Investor Charter in respect of Advisory Services

  1. Vision and Mission Statements for Investors

    • Vision:

      To become the preferred advisor to every investor and help them in the journey of wealth creation.

    • Mission:

      To become a medium to bring about a paradigm shift in equity investments through unparalleled advisory and use of technology as a delivery platform.

  2. Details of business transacted by Ventugrow Consultants Pvt Ltd (VCPL) with respect to the investors

    1. To carry out risk profiling of the investors.
    2. To enter into an agreement with the investors to offer advisory services detailing the fees charged, conflict of interest disclosures and maintenance of confidentiality.
    3. To obtain KYC details from Central Know Your Client Registry (CKYC)
    4. To disclose status of complaints on website and mobile application.
  3. Details of Services provided to investors and estimated timelines

    1. VCPL provides investment advisory services through their proprietary AI based model JARVIS, which includes advising on creation of portfolio of Equity Stocks, listed on both NSE & BSE, Liquid BeES & Gold BeEs. The advisory includes both investment and divestment of the individual securities in the investor's portfolio. The advisory is offered for a fee and for a defined period, entirely at the investor's risk, to all eligible category of investors who can invest in the Indian Equity Markets. The organization shall be solely acting as an advisor to the portfolio of the investor and shall not be responsible for the investment/divestment of securities or any administrative activities on the investor's portfolio. The organization shall provide the said services in accordance with such guidelines and/or directives issued by the regulatory authorities from time to time.
    2. VCPL will carry out risk profiling of the client to assess the suitability of the investment.
    3. VCPL will retrieve KYC details of the investor from CKYC and enter into agreement with the investor to offer advisory services.
    4. VCPL will offer option to execute the transaction through the investor’s own broker on its web and mobile platforms.
  4. Redressal Mechanism

    The Grievance Redressal policy follows the following principles:

    1. Investors will be always treated fairly
    2. Complaints raised by Investors will be dealt with courtesy and in a timely manner
    3. Queries and Complaints will be treated efficiently and fairly.

    The Investment advisor and employees work in good faith and without prejudice, towards the interests of the Investors

    The Investment Advisor has a dedicated Client Servicing Team which is responsible for timely and prompt communication with our clients, while having an open attitude towards service recovery, and providing alternate solutions to investors, thus ensuring healthy relationships with our clients.

    Client's queries / complaints may arise due to lack of understanding, or a deficiency of service experienced by clients. Deficiency of service may include lack of explanation, clarifications, understanding which escalates into shortfalls in the expected delivery standards, either due to inadequacy of facilities available or through the attitude of staff towards client.

    1. Clients can seek clarification to their query and are further entitled to make a complaint in writing, orally or telephonically. An email may be sent to the Client Servicing Team. Alternatively, the Investor may mail on
    2. A letter may also be written with their query/complaint and posted at the below mentioned address:
      1. Ventugrow Consultants Private Limited
      2. 7th Floor Dheeraj Kawal, Lal Bahadur Shastri Rd, Vikhroli West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400079
      3. +91 8433832238
      5. Clients can write to the Compliance Manager at if the Investor does not receive a response within 10 business days of writing to the Client Servicing Team. The client can expect a reply within 10 business days of approaching the Investment Advisor.
    3. In case you are not satisfied with our response you can lodge your grievance with SEBI at or you may also write to any of the offices of SEBI. For any queries, feedback or assistance, please contact SEBI office on toll free Helpline at 1800 22 7575/ 1800 266 7575.

  5. Refund & cancellation policy

    1. In case the clients are not satisfied with the services being provided by the VCPL and want to terminate/ stop Investment Advisory services or VCPL is unable to provide Investment Advisory services, either party shall have a right to terminate Investment Advisory relationship at any time subject to refund of advisory fee after deducting one quarters fee as breakage fee in case termination is initiated by the client and refund of the proportionate advisory fee in case termination is initiated by VCPL. The refund will be processed within 7-10 working days from the date of termination of the services.
  6. Responsibilities of the Investor

    1. Not to rush into making investments that do not match the investor’s risk taking appetite and investment goals.
    2. Read the privacy policy and the terms and conditions before signing up on the website or mobile application.
    3. To adhere to the laws laid down by the regulator to be eligible to invest in the Indian Equities Market.
    4. Answer the questions on the Risk Profiling questionnaire to the best of their knowledge and abilities and use their discretion to accept the outcome of the questionnaire or choose their risk profile.
    5. Read carefully the terms and conditions of the agreement before signing the same.
    6. To update VCPL in case of any change in the KYC documents and personal details and to provide the updated KYC along with requisite proof.
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