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Most of the time, based on unsolicited tips and rumours we end up in building a stock portfolio even without realising whether the stocks are compatible with your risk appetite and time horizon you had planned to stay invested in stocks. However, since we lack the expertise or the time, we fail to book profits or cut losses from a particular stock at the right time. Leading to poor performance of your equity portfolio overall. Exit strategy from stocks is as important as buying them at the initial stage.

Jarvis protect has been created with an aim to help such investors who don’t know when is the right time to exit from a stock. While you focus on building your portfolio, Jarvis will give you timely alerts about when to realise profits or cut losses from stocks.


faced by investors like you

Risk profiling

You create a portfolio without trying to understand your risk appetite or without a financial goal or time horizon in mind

Rumours and tips

Accumulating portfolios over time based on unrequested recommendations or rumors from family, friends, or social media

Too many stocks

Holding a larger number of stocks in your portfolio for which you would not be having the time or expertise, leading to impacting the overall performance of your portfolio

Stock market expertise

Since you would not know where the stocks are headed, you ended up holding them for years missing out a profit booking opportunity

Entry and Exit

You'll be reluctant to sell your stocks because you bought them at their high, making it difficult for you to realize profits or avoid losses


for you from Jarvis Protect

Free risk profiling

You can get your profiling done to see whether you are a high or moderate or conservative when it comes to risk taking ability

Timely alerts

You will timely be alerted against stocks in your portfolio, if you have to sell to either book profits or avoid losses

Risk tolerance

Stocks in your portfolio will be evaluated based only on your risk tolerance level

Ease of execution

You can easily upload your stocks on our platform in a specific format or you can manually add them one after another

Manage multiple portfolios

You can maintain multiple portfolios on our platforms. For instance, if you have one portfolio in Zerodha and the other one in Upstox, you can get alerts for both

Manage other’s portfolios

You can also manage your family's or friends on their behalf right from our portfolio

AI-powered stock advisory subscription plan

Jarvis Protect

Manage upto 50 stocks at a time in 3 different portfolios

Chat support

1,999 2,399 /Half-Yearly

Jarvis Protect Plus

Manage upto 200 stocks at a time in 10 different portfolios

Chat support

Dedicated relationship manager

19,999 23,999 /Half-Yearly

Jarvis Protect Premium

Manage unlimited stocks in multiple portoflios

Chat support

Dedicated relationship manager

Access to fund manager

49999 /Half-Yearly

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