How is Jarvis helping investors make returns all seasons?

How Is Jarvis Helping Investors Make Returns All Seasons?

How Is Jarvis Helping Investors Make Returns All Seasons?

To all the investors – How is the JOSH? If you are an Indian equity investor, the answer will definitely not be – HIGH, SIR. Since Dec’21, the NIFTY has crossed 18000+ levels and come below 17000 levels thrice. In March’22, it went below 16000. Given the geopolitical tension, inflation worries, and interest rate hikes, the market is less likely to break the shackles of 18500 levels and make new highs.

How is your portfolio doing? The JOSH is not HIGH, right? You are not alone in the boat. As mentioned above, the overall market is moving sideways. A sideways market is one in which there are no bullish or bearish trends. Price trade within a horizontal range, and there is no definitive upward or downward movement. Unless you are a trader, you cannot make money in a sideways market.  

We would like to change the above statement slightly – 

Unless you are a trader or Jarvis Investor, you cannot make money in a sideways market.

The data suggests that only 95% of traders make money in the market, so trading does not guarantee success. It leaves investors with Jarvis Invest.

NIFTY was 1.3% down in Feb’22, but investors who joined the Jarvis Invest platform made returns in February also: 5.2%. If you ask any Jarvis Invest investors – How is the JOSH? The answer is always – HIGH, SIR.

Returns better than NIFTY – Consistent or one-off?

Many of you would be wondering if the above example was a one-off. We would request you to look at the below numbers more closely. The below image shows how Jarvis Investors has done better every month in the last year compared to NIFTY. Note – NIFTY returns are taken from the start of the month, while Jarvis returns are the average of all investors for the month. Needless to say – some customers would have earned more, and some would have made less than this. Below are key points related to the data:

How about active funds?

Many of you would be invested in mutual funds and maybe wondering – Can Jarvis beat mutual fund returns? Yes, the below data shows how the performance of Equity funds for the last three months. Across categories, Jarvis has delivered better returns than mutual funds.

Jarvis, NIFTY, or Mutual funds?

Before making any investment, what is that you look at? You look at numbers – the company’s past performance, historical returns, expected growth, etc. Based on the numbers, you decide where to invest and where not to invest. You follow this approach is simple – Numbers do not lie.

Based on the same logic, one can conclude that among the three – Jarvis, Index funds, and mutual funds, Jarvis is an obvious choice. It has given better returns to investors every single month.

How is Jarvis able to perform better?

Yes, numbers are essential, but before you make the final investment call, you also like to understand how a company delivers better numbers every quarter, don’t you?

Hence, you would also be interested in knowing how Jarvis delivers better returns every month. To understand that, you need to understand, how NIFTY and mutual funds are at a high level:

With Jarvis, there is no emotion – it is all numbers. It picks every stock listed on the exchanges and scans them on 1.2 crore data pointers. Based on the outcome, they suggest stocks to invest in.

The game does not stop there. It is monitoring stocks 24*7 – it means if any company is flagged red, you will be the first one to know it. Using Risk Management System (RMS), Jarvis reduces the potential downside of your portfolio, which increases your net returns. Everything is accomplished with Artificial Intelligence – technology that is changing the world.

Before you go

When you are driving a car, you bet your life on technology – you know every time you will press the brakes, the car will slow down. When you first start, you are not confident. However, with time and usage, trust builds up. Also, you can never have enough confidence if you don’t start driving the car. 

If you are using technology in every sphere of life, what stops you to use it for investing? We live in the 21st century, and technology has advanced enough to help us with investing. 

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