Is AI technology helpful for wealth management?

Is AI technology helpful for wealth management?

Is AI technology helpful for wealth management?

Every individual wants to create wealth for himself and the future generation. However, with only 26% being financially literate in India, the task is not easy. You may start the wealth creation process, but with limited knowledge and expertise, you are likely to fail. 

Therefore, for long-term processes like wealth creation and management, you need to seek guidance from wealth management companies. However, not every available company can deliver the expected returns – humans tend to make mistakes in money matters. An option that has become popular in recent years is using AI technology for wealth management. Is it possible, or is AI for wealth management only a theoretical concept? We are going to discuss the same today.

What is wealth management & its objective?

Wealth management is a comprehensive service that focuses on taking a holistic look at your financial picture, including financial planning, investment management, tax planning, and estate planning. Wealth management objectives vary from investor to investor as everyone is in a different financial situation and has different needs. The common objective is as below:

AI in wealth management

AI has come a long way in recent years. Now, everything is possible with AI – stock selection to AI-based stock trading. Investors are using it in different areas related to investing, trading, and money management. Let us first understand the need for AI in wealth management.

You can opt for wealth management companies, and the advisor can manage your wealth. However, when it comes to money, you must understand that, at the end of the day, you are responsible for what happens to it. You cannot hand over everything to the advisor and hope he will do the best for you. Advisors are humans and are bound to go wrong, not be efficient, or not do the job efficiently for you.

On the other hand, when it comes to AI and wealth management, you can trust it. There is no human bias or scope for not doing the work efficiently or carelessly. Using AI for wealth management guarantees a significant level of accuracy as it analyzes millions of data points and scenarios.

How is AI used in wealth management?

As mentioned above, wealth management has a range of services, and AI caters to the needs of most of them. Below are some examples of AI used in wealth management:


Artificial Intelligence (AI) can do a lot when it comes to wealth management. However, when you opt for any AI-based service, it is crucial to assess the product – just like you need to evaluate a human advisor. 

Jarvis Invest is a perfect example of how AI can help investors. It is used by thousands of investors. If you have not explored it yet – download the app and see the magic of AI.

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